Welcome to Synergy Food Group – Australia’s Premium Contract Juice Manufacturer.

At Synergy Food Group, we are specialists in the manufacturing of minimally processed products.

The kind of products that we create are very diverse.

Synergy Food Group do hand cut citrus peel, for some of Australia’s top distilleries.

We work with some of the best ice cream companies in the country by providing juice for them to add to their gelatos and sorbets and…

We work with supermarkets and retail outlets by giving them nut milks and nutritional beverages to extend the ranging that they have on their shelves.

Synergy Food Group also work with other cold-pressed juice brands and make juices to their own recipes.

Out overall vision and aim is to provide solutions to creating products that are better for you.

Synergy Food Group started in 2014 by producing our own brand of juice and we did that for a couple of years and then organically, we had a couple of people reach out to us and ask us if we could manufacture product for them as well.

So we started doing that and then within the space of seven years, we now manufacture for a very diverse range of industries across the whole of Australia.

As a business that specializes in minimally processed products, our key point of difference is HPP, otherwise known as high pressure processing.

This is a process that locks in all the vitamins and nutrients in your products.

Pasteurization is fantastic in that kills all the potential pathogens that might be in your product.

However, as a by-product of that, it also kills off all the vitamins and nutrients that might’ve been present as well as flavour, taste and aromas.

This unique technology that we use, it kills the pathogens, but it also keeps all those vitamins and nutrients in there and it gives you a fantastic taste and aroma as if you’ve just made a product yourself.

At the end of the day, no matter what product you’re looking to bring to market, we would love to chat to you about how we’re able to help.

We’ve built our whole company with the premise of just providing solutions so that you can get your products to market with as little fuss possible.

If you’d like to have a no obligation conversation about how we’re able to do that, Contact Synergy Food Group

Synergy Food Group contract manufacture for Australia’s leading juice & specialty beverage brands.


We were the first Australian company to innovate fruit and vegetable based Cold Pressed Juice, utilising High Pressure Process (HPP) technology, plus we produce a variety of specialty beverages such as Nut Milks, Protein Waters, Functional Beverages, Superfood Smoothies & Coconut Waters.


Some of our clients also use our juice as a premium ingredient to enhance other products such as Ice Cream, Cider & Beer.


Situated in central Sydney has allowed us to build a strong network of Farmers and Producers to source the freshest ingredients.


Synergy Food Group is licensed to produce both raw unpasteurised juice & juice utilising HPP technology and we are SQF certified, ensuring the highest food safety standards.


Our clients range from large retail chains, to boutique juice & specialty beverage brands who have a passion for providing high quality, innovative products to their loyal, health-conscious customers.


Whether it’s for the markets, cafes, restaurants, retail outlets, supermarkets, or international distribution we’ll tailor a cold pressed juice brand or specialty beverage that you can be proud of.


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