The Ten Reason Why You Should Use a Contract Juice Manufacturer

Synergy Food Group Operations Director, Adrian Hall describes the ten reasons why you should use a contract juice manufacturer so that you can understand and find the ideal Contract Juice Manufacturing or Private Label Beverage Manufacturing partner for your company. 

The first one’s is going to be give advice and recommendations on processes or system improvements. 

A good company is going to be able to look at the way you’re already doing things and then see what improvements could be made to make the product better, faster, or more food safe. 

They should be very easily accessible to communicate with as well. 

Last thing you want to do is have a question or a query and then not be able to get on the phone with someone or not have someone answer their email for a couple of days. 

You want quick, fast answers, and you want to be able to reach the right decision makers without too much mucking around. 

Make sure you know who you know you need to talk to within the business to make that happen. 

Make sure that they also provide you with all of the food safety documentation that you need before you really kick things off as well. 

You may need HACCP certification or SQF certification ingredient specifications. 

You might also need country of origin, guarantees. 

All of these things are really important to document and have put aside, so that you can focus your energy on marketing and selling your products. 

You also want to try and see whether they can put you in touch with someone that is already working with them as a business, just so you can have some point of reference to hear what kind of testimony they’ll give on working with them or their experience of working with them as a business. 

This just helps give you a little bit of peace of mind that that company is the right company to be working with. 

Now, although it’s not essential, it’s also great to get them to put together a flow chart of how they’re going to make your product. 

You want to know from the time that they start receiving raw materials, to the time that they’ve finished the product, then it’s in storage or it’s in transport. You want to know all the steps along the way that they’re taking to make transport and get your product to you. 

That’ll help just give you some guarantee in making sure that the product’s made the same way every time and it’s made the way that you want it made. 

Make sure that they’re happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement or a contract before you start getting into making samples or really doing business together. 

This just ensures that all of your intellectual property is safe and they’re not going to go off and copy that product and bring it to market before they’ve actually even made anything for you. 

It’s a small thing. It’s a small detail, but at the end of the day, it is absolutely imperative that you cover yourself as a brand and as a business because that product is everything. 

Also make sure that they’re happy to provide you some samples before you start committing to doing bigger trial runs. 

You don’t want to have to make 500 or a thousand of your product and get that in your hand before, you know whether it’s exactly how you want it to be or not. 

Getting samples and making small adjustments along the way before you do your first trial run will help to iron out any potential issues that may have been encountered through the production process. 

Make sure that they’re very, very clear on what they can and what they can’t do. 

That might be how they make your product, or when they make your product. 

It might be the kind of timeframes that they need you to place your orders in, or maybe it’s about the payment terms. 

Ensure that everything is spoken about before you start doing business. It just alleviates a lot of really awkward conversations along the way. 

Also ensure that they’re offering you solutions to problems that might arise through the production process. 

A lot of contract juice manufacturers will simply take your recipe, make your product and if something pops up along the way that didn’t work, or you’re not getting the consistency that you’re looking for, that’s on you. Because you’ve provided them the recipe in the system of how you want it made. 

A good contract juice manufacturer will look at those problems and come to you with solutions about how they think they can improve. Whether it be the product or the process or the packaging, to give you an end product that would be better than how you would have designed it yourself. 

And finally ask them what rating they got from the food authority. 

You might find a contract juice manufacturer with SQF or HACCP certification, but potentially they had a poor food authority audit. 

A lot of times the food authority will show up unannounced. 

So it doesn’t give the business a lot of time to prepare, to do last minute cleaning or last minute changes to make sure that all those boxes are ticked. 

An A rating from a food authority is what you want to be looking for. 

Any contract juice manufacturer who has an A rating means that they’ve had the government show up unannounced, everything’s been done properly. 

And that gives you peace of mind to know that your product is going to be made perfectly every time. 

So in summary… at the Synergy Food Group, we really pride ourselves on making sure that we fulfill all 10 of those steps to guarantee your perfect product every single time. 

If your current contract juice manufacturer is missing some of those steps or not willing to provide you some of the information on some of the steps we spoke about, I really recommend you reach out, have a conversation with us and see what we can do to improve your business and your products. 

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